Small Buinesses and Start-up Enterprises

You are building your dream - let us help you build it with the best!.

You cannot wait for people to show up. If you want the best talent, you need to go out and get them.

The essence of Sohl-V’s work lies in giving our Clients a competitive advantage by improving quality, reducing costs and minimizing risks related to workforce provisioning across the enterprise enabling them to concentrate on their core business activities.

HOW WE WORK: We work on contingency, which means we only get paid when we produce results. Learn about our services, and our industry leading performance guarantee

Finding great employees can be tricky, especially if you don't have a human resources specialist on staff or don't have the budget to pay the highest salaries in town.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I need people, but I don’t have time to spend on recruiting
  • If I could hire the right person faster, it would be easier to meet my objectives 
  • This is not what I heard in the interview or saw on the resume
  • This vacancy is slowing our growth
  • Wish this new hire was not ‘all-talk’ and ‘no-work’. I can’t believe we spent over 20K hiring Jack – it has been over 3 months now, and no results!
  • We are a team of 5 doing the work of 6 – when will the HR bring someone on board
  • The resumes HR keep sending me… Do they even know what we do here? 

If yes, it is time to look for a partner that thinks: What is important to YOU?

At Sohl-V, this is our way of life.                       A premier staffing firm with a difference!                           What is different? 
                                                                          OUR APPROACH - We start with YOU!
At Sohl-V, we work for clients who are committed to their people – who are willing to work with us, understand what it important for them in their new hires.
Taking an organizational approach to understanding the ‘Right Fit’? We go a step ahead and we take this to the department level – a step ahead, to the managerial level – another step ahead, to the team level. 

We believe that, talent levels aside, getting someone who is not a culture fit can be detrimental. The main quality Sohl-V looks for in a potential hire is whether or not they will fit in with the company's culture. Understanding how small businesses and start-ups work and how they need to be flexible in terms of their focus, we understand that it is not just another hand you are looking for. 

We become a part of the process before anything about hiring starts – helping you identify and project what is important for that role, for the department, for the team.

Ever thought how a vacancy or a bad hire impacts your company?

  • Impact to Your Customers 
  • Team Impact 
  • Impact to Your Competitive Advantage, Culture, and Value 
  • Your Image and Recruiting 
  • Individual Employee Impacts 
  • Increased Management Time and Effort

Cost of bad hire 

  • Time spent for searching, recruiting etc and other recruiting / interviewing costs 
  • Salary and benefits 
  • Training / Orientation Costs 
  • Productivity Losses 
  • Lost customers / market share

Other related expenses: 

  • Negative effect on co-workers’ morale, productivity 
  • Unemployment compensation, legal fees, severance pay 
  • Recruitment and training costs - repeated with a new hire

And remember, the cycle can be often repeated till the hired candidate really works out.

NOT JUST RECRUITING: Some of the Value-Adds that come along – at no extra charge to you:
Workforce planning and talent retention: Once we understand your department’s or company’s long term objectives, we will be happy to advise you on the kind of resource to bring in – whether a contractor or direct hire or could you try a contract to hire situation. Once we understand your budget constraints and long term goals, we will be your true partner to guide you on the kind of resource who will be the best fit and creating a win solution where you not just get the best talent, but also help you move towards realizing your goals
Future sourcing needs: Acting as an extended team, we can help you secure a pipeline for skill sets you will need in the future. Future needs could be as simple as knowing about a project or initiative that is planned in the near future or any plans to incorporate newer technologies or methodologies. Being a part of your future planning, we not only assist you in creating a pipeline, but also gives us a better idea of the direction the company is headed towards, giving us a better idea of the culture in the organization – thereby allowing us to provide you with not just the technical fit, but the best cultural fit as well
Act as a partner: We don’t believe in any third-party relations – we believe in working as ‘extended-teams’. Open and informative discussions about your current and future goals will go a long way towards getting the most out of what we can offer. We can help you streamline your hiring processes per the latest and best industry practices. From defining a job to attract the best talent to measuring performance, we are there to help.
Industry insight and inputs: We could be working with a number of companies who could be in the same boat as you are and we can act as a valuable source of information. We could offer valuable insight in certain areas such as cost of skill set, availability of talent, hidden costs etc. and offer advise on using any alternative means to enable cost effectiveness thereby saving you both time and money
Act as your showcase: We make it very easy for your organization to showcase the best you have – culture, business opportunity, hip office space, etc.

You will wish you started sooner with us!