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Launch an exciting career – Focus on technology or management consulting.

Make a contribution, be recognized – Interact with clients and senior leadership and see your impact on a project.

Work with the Pros – Real world experience and exposure to the top of the industry. Write your own ticket.

Grow with us – Training and advancement opportunities, work with the leading names, on-the-job support and be a part of a diverse growing environment

Personalized career planning – individual and flexible career options, move vertically or deepen your knowledge in your field or make lateral moves to broaden your range of skills.

Sohl-V Advantage: Whether you are a contractor working for a Client of Sohl-V, or an employee of Sohl-V, ask us about our unique incentive plan Sohl-V Advantage

Your key questions answered

Q: What are the services Sohl-V specializes in?
Sohl-V is  growing Management and IT Professional Services Company with industry leading clients and a passionate and diverse workforce. Based out of Atlanta, we provide an array of staffing solutions. Read more

Q: Steps in the hiring process
A: We follow a five step screening process:

  • Initial online research about the candidate
  • Itroductory call by the hiring associate - gives you an overview of Sohl-V, we get an idea of what you are looking for and other general questions anwered.
  • Phone screen by the hiring associate - based on a questionnaire by the hiring manager, we do the prelim phone screening
  • Technical Interview - with a member of technical team
  • Final interview - by the hiring manager

This screening process is followed by an Offer confirmation call

Q: what to expect immediately upon joining?- Orientation Process
A: Expect a two day Orientation Program to equip you wi th the necessary resources and knowledge to get you up and running at Sohl-V. This program aims at aquinting the new hires with the company policies, procedures, your career planning, our expectations, HR policies, on-the-job support procedure, compensation/benefits administration and our travel and relocation policies. However, if we hire you for our client, the Orientation process will depend on the current process being followed by the HR department of our client - though our support will always be available to you.

Q: Does Sohl-V offer visa sponsorship?
A: Visa sponsorship is available for qualified candidates. Please talk to a hiring associate for more details.

Q: Growth / advancement opportunities and performance reviews 
A: At Sohl-V, we are committed to growth of our employees. Each employee is linked to a mentor and a consulting manager who work with you on your carrer growth and help you in your endeavours for professional and personal advancement.  Please talk to your hiring associate for details. You and your consulting manager will have an opportunity to review your performance, track your progress and update your goals twice during the course of the year. Salaries are reviwed on an annual basis.

Q: What qualities do you look for in an applicant?
A: Enthusiasm of an entrepreneur and the desire to succeed. People with passion and integrity. Are you in?